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    2. Project Locations

      Fulcrum has a nationwide presence in single-tenant retail and has construction and construction management experience in a wide array of building categories.

      Project Highlights

      Britt Properties

      Huddle House

      Century Bank

      Multi Tenant Site Development

      Infirmary Health Eastern Shore

      Tractor Supply Co.

      Dollar General

      Swift Supply Design Gallery

      Ashurst Niemeyer Real Estate Office

      Fulcrum Construction Group Corporate Office

      Truland Homes Corporate Office

      Bellator Real Estate and Development Corporate Office

      Fairhope Urology


      Malbis Retail Center

      Siteone Landscape Supply

      Rue 21

      Gateway Centre


      Pure Barre Eastern Shore

      Blast Fitness

      Morgan’s Ice Plant

      Whit’s Frozen Custard